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hp_fivethings's Journal

Five Things Harry Potter Fic Exchange
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Welcome to the 'Five Things' Harry Potter Fic Exchange!

What is the 'Five Things' Harry Potter Fic Exchange? How does it work?
An fic exchange is where participants swap stories. They sign up using a sign up a form, stating what they would like included in their fic. In this particular exchange, all fics must be something like "Five People XXX Snogged", "Five Places XXX Will Never Visit", and other things like that. "Four People So-And-So Hexed (And One He Didn't)" also counts as a five things prompt.

After the sign-ups are closed, the mod then pairs up all of the forms and sends out the assignments to all of the participants. The fics are emailed into the community whenever they are finished and have been beta-read. The email you'll send them to is cresents@gmail.com. Fics are then posted by the mods. Three days after the due date, all of the names of the authors will be revealed and a master post will be made.

If you sign up, you're committing to write a fic that is at least 1000 words long and will be finished on time. If you don't think you can do that, then don't sign up. The person you are writing for may or may not be the person writing for you. That is the case for some of you, but there are definitely others that have their assignments all jumbled around.

What if I can't finish on time... or at all?
Then you need to email me as soon as possible, so that I can send your assignment to a pinch-hitter or give you some more time to get it finish. I'd like to give no more than a week for late assignments, but extra time will be given on a case by case basis. :)

Note: Please know that there will be material in this community that is not suited for anyone underage the age of 18. Don't read anything you know you're not supposed to be reading. We are not responsible for what you choose to read in this community. Everything inappropriate is rated and has a warning on it. Proceed with caution and don't say we didn't warn you.

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