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21 July 2009 @ 12:09 pm
My sincerest apologies for being so bad about getting things in a timely fashion. I suppose I can't hound any of you for not sending things in on time since I don't post it for a week (almost two, sometimes) when you send it in, lol. But I'm hoping we'll get the last three fics sent in this week so the exchange can finally be over and then I can post the masterlist.

I've heard from grayglube already, so I know what's going on there. But I'd like to hear from terryvayne and distantemotivo, and find out where you are on your fics. I'd really like them all by the 25th/26th of July.

Thanks for your patience and I am so sorry to those of you that haven't received your fics yet! I will write them myself if I don't hear back from the writers soon! :)
Title: Four Letters that Got Delivered (and One that Didn't)
Author: yndigot (pinch-hitter)
Recipient: kellychambliss
Rating: G
Word Count: ~2500
Characters: Minerva-centric, Remus-centric, Dumbledore, Sprout, Pomfrey, Snape
Summary: Five letters Minerva McGonagall sent regarding Remus Lupin.
Beta: A million thanks to G who talked me through this and read it over. All remaining mistakes are my own.
Author's Note: Kelly, I'm not sure this is in any way what you had in mind (it's not what I had in mind when I first got the prompt), but this is what happened when I wrote it. Prompts used: Snape, Sprout, Remus, Minerva-centric (Minerva POV), Four Owl Posts that Got Delivered and One That Didn't. Thank you to the mod for being patient with me!

Four Letters that Got Delivered and One that Didn'tCollapse )
Title: Five Times Fleur Knew She Was In Love
Author: seatigers (pinch-hitter)
Recipient: ellielove_x3
Word count: ~1300
Rated: G
Pairing: Bill/Fleur
Summary: Moments in which Fleur comes to terms with her feelings for Bill and her family.

five times fleur knew she was in loveCollapse )
02 July 2009 @ 01:56 pm
Sorry for the delay in getting all of those fics posted! Thank you to the wonderful pinch-hitters for writing those and I hope all of the recipients enjoy their fics. I'd love to hear back from the pinch-hitters who have yet to send me their fics. I'd really love them as soon as possible, so that this exchange can end and I can put up the masterlist! :)

I'm hoping to hear from the following pinch-hitters ASAP. I'd really like an update on how your fic is coming along and when you think you'll be turning it in.

grayglube (a few more days)
seatigers (turned in)
terravayne (~Monday)
yndigot (turned in)
distantemotivo (unknown!)

If you have any comments, quesitons, or concerns, let me know! After the exchange officially ends, I'll make a post asking when you all think the next exchange should be held? Next spring, maybe? Or sooner? Or later? I don't know. Feel free to leave opinions in comments. :)
Title: Five Times Severus Snape Was Misunderstood
Author: literaryspell (pinch-hitter)
Recipient: wotcher_wombat
Beta: Robin
Word count: ~2700
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Severus Snape reflects on the people in his life who affected him by not knowing who he truly was, including the person who let him down the most. Himself.

Five Times Severus Snape Was MisunderstoodCollapse )
02 July 2009 @ 01:42 pm
Title: The Little Things
Author: birdseyeview (pinch-hitter)
Recipient: sarahyyy
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: snark, silly arguments, in-laws and potential in-laws, allusions to sex
Character/Pairing: Draco/Astoria, mentions of Lucius/Narcissa, Scorpius/Rose and one-sided Draco/Hermione attraction
Summary: As much as Draco and Astoria adore each other, their life together hasn't been a problem-free one. These are five issues between the couple
Disclaimer: Characters belong to J.K. Rowling and no profit is being made from this.
Author Notes: I hope you like this! I normally spell it “Astoria” but I wasn't sure if you had a preference so I went with “Astoria” for this. Thanks so much to queenb23more for the beta job – you're a doll!

The Little ThingsCollapse )
Title: 5 Reasons The Accio Spell Is The Best
Author: honorarymaraudr (pinch-hitter)
Recipient: bgreenwivy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Um, Top!Harry, Bottom!Draco, lots of sex…?
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary:Both Draco and Harry know that the rather underappreciated summoning spell can be very useful. Here are five examples why.

5 Reasons The Accio Spell Is The BestCollapse )
Title: Four Secrets That Asteria Greengrass Kept And One She Didn’t
Author: vegablack62 (pinch-hitter)
Recipient: birdseyeview
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3700
Beta: oddnari
Character/Pairing: Asteria Greengrass, Horace Slughorn, Stephen Cornfoot, Tracey Davis, Millicent Bullstrode, others
Summary: During her fifth year at Hogwarts Asteria has to keep a lot of secrets.
Disclaimer: The characters, places and creatures mentioned belong to JKR. I am not profiting from this work.
Author Notes: I hope you like this. I’ve never written Asteria before. This is more her observations of other people than a picture of herself, but I hope you still like this. Many thanks to my superb beta Oddnari, whose advice improved the fic.

Four Secrets Asteria Greengrass Kept And The One She Didn’tCollapse )
Title: Charlie Weasley Smokes Four Cigarettes and Crushes One
Author: potterhead37 (pinch-hitter)
Recipient: grayglube
Rating: R
Pairing: Charlie Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks
Summary: Charlie develops a nasty habit.
Disclaimer: There is no profit from this work; JKR owns everything Potter-related.
Author Notes: This was a new thing for me, and I have to say I liked doing it!

Charlie Weasley Smokes Four Cigarettes and Crushes OneCollapse )
14 June 2009 @ 03:46 pm
Thank you to everyone that signed up to be a pinch-hitter! I would have sent out assignments by now, but I've had some stuff going on irl and I've been on semi-hiatus. So, I'll be sending out pinch-hitting assignments to those that signed up by Tuesday/Wednesday. Thank you all again for being so generous. I didn't expect such a big turn out and I probably won't need all of the people that signed up. I'll make sure to reply to your comment if your services aren't needed, so that you're not left wondering if you missed my message or not. :)